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NAURU 1915 – 1923

Price £35.00

Foreword : Why Nauru?; About Nauru generally; Introduction; Communications generally. Marshall Inseln stamps: NWP overprints on Australian stamps: Why were there overprints on GB stamps? Overprint batches and first batch quantities Dates of delivery of the GB stamps overprinted ‘NAURU’. The British Library: Its holdings listed and described; Notes; Information in archives; National Postal Museum; Specimen stamps and imprimaturs; Lotting summary; Nauru summary; Description of Nauru lots sold; Checklist. Specimen stamps; Checklist of Great Britain stamps overprinted for use in Nauru; Checklist of UPU releases; Checklist of abnormal specimens [NPM release]; Brief History, Postal History and Stamp chronology; Brief History chronology; Brief Postal History and stamp chronology; German administration; Postal stationery; Postal stationery printed to private order; Illustrations of Postal and censor markings; Postmark illustrations; Fiscal use; Forgeries; Official handstamps; Return to Sender cachet; Censor handstamps; Registration labels and handstamps; Notes; Miscellaneous postal history; Ship markings; Forgeries; Official envelopes.

Varieties on the basic British stamps before overprinting; Paper varieties including watermarks; Dandy Roll varieties; Mould marks; Printing varieties [list of possibilities]; Colours of Overprinting inks; Controls [this includes a listing of controls and known or recorded plates]; Notes; Typewear on the ½d to 1s 0d values; Constant varieties;Variable type varieties; Great Britain Seahorses overprinted ‘Nauru’; Printing varieties including fresh or re-entries; Bradbury Wilkinson 2s 6d Pl.6 and Pl. 11 re-entries; Overprinting inks; Overprinting forme; Typewear; Requisitioning. Review of Great Britain Seahorses overprinted ‘NAURU’; By Waterlow Bros. and Layton; By De La Rue SG 19 Sepia Brown shades checklist; By De la Rue Yellow Brown and Brown shades; By De La Rue 5s 0d and 10s 0d values; By Bradbury Wilkinson 2s 6d values; Checklist of Seahorse overprints; Albino overprint varieties on low values; Discussion; Checklist. Albino overprint varieties on seahorses; 2s 6d discussion; 5s 0d discussion; 10s 0d discussion; Checklist of albino overprints on Great Britain seahorses. Forgeries: Mint forged overprints; Forged overprints and forged cancellations; Normal overprints with forged cancellations; Madame Joseph forgeries. Maritime Mail

British Philatelist 1921 – 2s 6d, 5s 0d and 10s 0d first issue; British Philatelist 1924 – Typewear; Philately from Australia 1949 – Nauru Overprints by Rev. T.P. Davis; Strand Stamp Journal 1956 – Stamps of Nauru by Kudat; Strand Stamp Journal 1956 – Correspondent Sir John Dodd; Correspondence – Sir John Dodd and the Author; Internal email Stanley Gibbons 25th May 2004 about SG19 2s 6d; Sources consulted and bibliography


Price £35.00

Introductory pages and list of illustrations
Pahang 1888 – 1903 The first fifteen years
Pahang – A Chronology
Pahang – Communications and Reports Communications by sea, up the Pahang River and in Ulu Pahang
Complaints and Press Reports
Postmarks used in Pahang post offices 1888 – 1903
A Brief History of Pahang
Descriptions of Journeys and Settlements in Pahang
A select bibliography
Index to the contents of the pages in the Chersonese Collection

Zanzibar’s Postal History Legacy

Price £60.00
List of Tables; Author’s Preface; Foreword; Introduction. Zanzibar’s Early Postal History – 1837 – 1875; Slave Patrol Postal History – 1864 – 1896; The Indian Post Office at Zanzibar – 1875 – 1895; The French Post Office at Zanzibar – 1889 – 1904; The German Post Office at Zanzibar – 1890 – 1891; The Zanzibar Post Office; The Zanzibar Post Office During WWI; Concluding Comments.

Letter from the British Treasury to the Post Office – 1874; Early Letters from Zanzibar; Sultans of Zanzibar – 1836 -1913; American Consuls at Zanzibar – 1837 -1913; British Consuls at Zanzibar – 1841 – 1913; Pre-Post Office Postal History Tables; Summary of Zanzibar Cancellations through 1895; German Post Office at Zanzibar Postal History Census; Antoine Michel 1858 Correspondence. References Index.

The Postage Dues of Zanzibar 1875-1964

Price £90.00
A comprehensive study of the postage due stamps and handstamps of Zanzibar, their postal history and the context in which they were produced and used. The story begins with the opening of the Indian Post Office in Zanzibar in 1875 and ends with the revolution in 1964 that followed shortly after independence.

539 pages, 270 full colour illustrations of stamps, sheets, covers, maps and supporting contextual material; hard bound, with dust jacket.

Published in the UK in September 2014 by The BPA Expertising Educational Charity.

“This landmark book brings East Africa philatelic literature to a new peak of excellence” Bulletin of the East Africa Study Circle

“The author provides an outstanding analysis of the local typeset postage due labels… The masterly study of the minutiae of each setting … unquestionably becomes the definitive record” The London Philatelist

“It is most impressive throughout” Postage Due Mail Study Group Journal

“What a fabulous book… I have read a LOT of philatelic books and articles and rarely have I been so impressed” A purchaser

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